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Executive Director/Founder Florida Yorkie Rescue, Inc.  and Yorkie House, Inc.  Radio Talk Show host WKIT Talk Radio.

Kit DeRoche has had a lifelong passion for animals. She claims it is simply part of her DNA. She spent ten years as a licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator in Wilmington, North Carolina. When she moved to Florida she founded Florida Yorkie Rescue,  a dog rescue organization focused on her breed of choice. She has been rescuing Yorkies and other small breeds since 2007. The organization has grown exponentially since then and is now comprised of over 50 volunteers that transport and adopt yorkies all over the state. Florida Yorkie Rescue is now busy raising funds for their second non-profit organization; Yorkie House, which will be the first senior yorkie sanctuary in the state of Florida. Kit also has a weekly radio show on WKIT Talk Radio featuring all subjects related to pets.

All Paws For The Cause is a weekly show and we'll be interviewing those who have a passion for animals as Dusty and I have. We will be exploring all types of rescue groups, from horses to the big Cats, from dogs to Apes.... so find us on TUNE IN under WKIT TALK RADIO and enjoy the show.

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About Kit DeRoche
Sometimes words fail us when we try to describe what we do here at Florida Yorkie Rescue and the situations we face on any given day. So we create videos as often as we can.